Express Air Foundation

The Express Air Foundation was established in 2023 and is a donor-advised fund. This charitable fund is a separately identified account that is maintained and operated by a section 501(c)(3) organization, which is called a sponsoring organization. We have choosen Fidelity Charitable to be our sponsoring organization. At Fidelity Charitable, we have a 'Giving Account,' which we also call the 'Giving Tank.' This account is composed of contributions made by individual donors. Once a donor makes the contribution, it is irrevocable, which means the donor cannot change his/her mind and ask for the money back. The Express Air Foundation retains advisory privileges with respect to the distribution of funds and the investment of assets in the Giving Account. All contributions received into the Giving Account will be held in a Fidelity money market fund until they are distributed to charities. Any interest income accrued within the Giving Account will also be included in the distribution to charities.

The Express Air Foundation can support virtually any IRS-qualified public charity with grant recommendations from the donor-advised fund. The process is simple. When it is time to make a grant from our Giving Account, we advise Fidelity Charitable of the charity we wish to support and the amount of the grant we wish to give. Fidelity Charitable will conduct due diligence to ensure the funds granted will go to an IRS-qualified public charity and are used for charitable purposes. Once approved, they will then transfer the requested amount of funds to the charity from our Giving Account.

Those who make donations to a donor-advised fund may be entitled to a charitable income tax deduction. However, prior to making any donation, you should consult with your tax advisor to determine whether the donation is eligible for a charitable income tax deduction as well as the amount of such deduction.