The Giving Mission

"Your Miles. Their Dreams," is the slogan of the Express Air Foundation. Aviation touches the lives of countless people around the world in many different ways. Beyond the for-profit passenger and cargo services, there are five main non-profit areas that aviation makes its charitable impact for our communities: Education, Animal Welfare, Environmental, Humanitarian, and Health/Medical.

We recognize that there are many charitable organizations whose sole mission is to leverage aviation to make the largest impact possible across one or more of these areas. For the Giving Mission, the Express Air Foundation has identified five non-profit organizations, one from each of the five main areas, which have demonstrated their ability over time to make the greatest impact with their resources.

Our pilots will have the unique opportunity to have their miles count towards the Giving Mission. After every 100,000 total miles flown, the Express Air Foundation will grant the entire Giving Tank balance to one of the five aviation-focused charities (click here to see the order in which the charities will receive their grants). Express Air will then re-fuel the Giving Tank with an additional $100 after each 100,000 miles flown (up to 500,000 miles). Pilots may choose to donate additional funds to the Giving Tank, but they are never obligated to do so. After 500,000 total miles, Express Air will launch the Giving Mission II with input and feedback from the Express Air pilot community on Discord.

This page will keep track of the Giving Tank (i.e. the amount of donations that have been received) and the remaining number of miles that need to be flown until the Giving Tank is emptied (i.e. granted) to the next selected Charity. Both gauges will be updated the beginning of each month.