Express Cargo - Air Freight

Express Cargo is the scheduled cargo service for Express Air Virtual. The proxy for our cargo routes is Empire. Although not an exact match of their routes, Express Cargo will fly the bulk of their routes and cities. Express Cargo will also fly the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, ATR 42-600, and ATR 72-600, which are the same exact aircraft that Empire uses for these same routes. There are currently twenty-five (25) C208B's, six (6) ATR 42-600's, and six (6) ATR 72-600's in the Express Cargo fleet.

Express Cargo currently has 85 scheduled cargo flights in the route system for dispatch. These flights serve 44 cities. For all Express Cargo flights, the three-letter flight designator is EXC. Flight numbers for EXC will be four-digits and will range between 1000 and 1700. Flights headed to the north or east will have an even number and flights headed to the south or west will have an odd number. Flight numbers between:

1000-1099 will serve the Northeast, with Seattle (KSEA) as the main hub;
1100-1199 will serve the West;
1300-1399 will serve the Central;
1500-1599 will serve the Southwest, with Phoenix (KPHX) as the main hub;
1600-1699 will serve Alaska, with Anchorage (PANC) as the main hub.

All pilots flying Express Cargo will use the callsign EXPRESS and will have access to a custom livery as shown in the above photo. As the pilot base expands, Express Cargo will be actively looking to add regional jet service and eventually, national/international jet cargo service.