Express Boneyard- Ferry Missions

The huge hunks of metal that soar across our skies don't fly forever. There comes a time when every airplane has to be permanently grounded and scrapped for its parts and metal.

What is Express Boneyard?

Express Boneyard (BYR) is a global division of Express Air Virtual that provides virtual flight crews (you!) to leasing companies, airlines and governments who need their aircraft ferried to a "boneyard" for storage or scrap. This operation is known as a "last-mile" ferry service since many of these aircraft will be parted-out and scrapped at the end of their flight.

Our Express Boneyard pilots will jump-seat to the location of the aircraft and ferry the aircraft to its final resting place. It is a one-way ferry to be flown using the callsign "Boneyard" so that everyone knows this aircraft is being flown to a boneyard.

The Boneyard Missions which we have selected are actual storage/scrap missions which have already been completed in-real-life. Our mission is to re-create those actual flights as close as possible to the actual mission, i.e. same route/legs, same aircraft type, same aircraft livery, same airports. All new-hire pilots who want to ferry for Boneyard Express should select Pittsburgh International Airport as their main base. This allows new hires to start their first boneyard flight from Pittsburgh (KPIT) on BYR270 to Roswell Airport (KROW) without having to pay a jump-seat fee.

Rank Requirements?

Several of the flights will require a minimum rank of either First Officer, Captain, or Senior Captain due to route complexity and mission distance. Total mission distance in excess of 7,000 nm will require a minimum rank of Senior Captain; between 5,000 - 7,000 nm will require a minimum rank of Captain; between 2,500 - 5,000 nm will require a minimum rank of First Officer. For most flights under 2,500 nm, no minimum rank is required and may be flown by any rank.

Any Rank May Fly These Missions

Flight No. Aircraft Company Register Miles Hours + XP Route Mission
BYR1441 A320-200 Brussels Airlines OO-SNA 330 1.50 0 EBBR-EGSY Scrap
BYR404 A310-300 Swissair HB-IPG 400 1.75 0 LSZH-LFBO Scrap
BYR587 A310-300 Pakistan Int'l AP-BEB 680 2.00 0 OMDB-OPKC Scrap
BYR178 B737-800 Transavia F-GZHV 700 2.00 0 LFMP-EGSY Storage
BYR982 A320-200 TAP Air Portugal CS-TNI 858 2.50 0 LPPT-EGBP Storage
BYR902 A320-200 Avion Express LY-VEI 885 3.00 0 EPWA-EGBP Scrap
BYR270 A330-300 American Airlines N270AY 1,300 4.00 500 KPIT-KROW Storage
BYR622 A320-200 Air Moldova ER-AXV 1,350 4.00 500 LUKK-EGSY Storage
BYR403 A310-300 Federal Express N403FE 1,350 4.00 500 KMEM-KVCV Scrap
BYR2167 A320-200 Etihad Airways A6-EIC 2,100 5.75 500 HECA-EGSY Storage

First Officer Rank or Higher May Fly These Missions

Flight No. Aircraft Company Register Miles Hours + XP Route Mission
N310BL A310-300 Express Air N310BL 3,350 8.50 1,000 EGHI-KIAD Delivery
BYR659 A330-300 Qatar Airways A7-AEC 3,600 8.00 2,500 OTHH-EIKN-EGBP Scrap
BYR598 A310-300 Air India VT-EVW 4,050 10.00 1,500 VABB-EGBP Scrap
BYR1456 MD-82 Scandanavian OY-KHE 4,400 13.33 3,500 EKCH-BGSF-KBGR-KBYH Scrap
BYR455 A310-300 Air Comet EC-GOT 4,400 9.67 1,500 MMUN-LFBT Scrap
BYR2124 A319-100 Finnair OH-LVK 4,600 13.50 4,000 EFHK-BIKF-KBGR-KGWO Storage
N310BR A310-300 Express Air N310BR 4,750 11.75 1,500 EGHI-KPHX Delivery
BYR483 B767-400 British Airways G-BNWU 4,950 12.00 2,000 EGLL-KVCV Scrap

Captain Rank or Higher May Fly These Missions

Flight No. Aircraft Company Register Miles Hours + XP Route Mission
BYR8357 B767-400 All Nippon Air JA8357 5,000 10.25 5,000 RJTT-KVCV Scrap
BYR458 B747-8 Boeing Co. N458BJ 5,200 12.00 5,000 LFSB-KMZJ Scrap
BYR651 A310-300 SATA Int'l Azores CS-TGV 5,225 15.75 8,000 LPPT-LPPD-KBOS-KVCV-KMHV Scrap
BYR3421 A319-100 Bangkok Airways HS-PGT 6,100 16.58 7,000 VTBD-OMAA-LCPH-EGSY Storage

Senior Captain Rank May Fly These Missions

Flight No. Aircraft Company Register Miles Hours + XP Route Mission
BYR647 A310-300 Kuwait Airways 9K-ALA 7,250 19.30 9,000 OKKK-EGSS-KBGR-KROW Scrap
BYR60 A330-300 Thai Airways HS-TEB 7,550 16.33 8,000 VTBU-RJGG-KSBD Scrap

Links to MSFS2020 Liveries for Boneyard Flights

Below are the liveries for all Express Boneyard flights. They can all be found on In some cases, the livery will not have the exact registration, but if you know how to change the registration to the exact aircraft registration, then please modify before starting your mission. Otherwise, it is fine to complete the mission with the incorrect registration.

A330-300 American Airlines N270AY (PMP)
A330-900neo American Airlines N270AY (Headwind)
A310-300 Air Comet EC-GOT (iniBuilds)
B747-8 Boeing Company N458BJ (Salty)
MD-82 (DC-9-82) Scandanavian OY-KHE (Leonardo)
B737-800 Transavia France F-GZHV (PMDG)
A319-100 Bangkok Airways HS-PGT (LatinVFR)
A320-200 TAP Air Portugal CS-TNI (Fenix)
B767-400 All Nippon Airways JA8357 (Capt Sim)
A320-200 Etihad Airways A6-EIC (Fenix) (7Z file - may need to download 7Z file extractor)
A320-200 Air Moldova ER-AXV (Fenix)
A330-300 Qatar Airways A7-AEC (PMP)
A330-900neo Qatar Airways A7-AEC (Headwind)
A320-200 Avion (Sun) Express LY-VEI (Fenix)
A320-200 Brussels Airlines OO-SNA (Fenix) (.rar file - may need to download .rar file extractor)
A310-300 FedEx Express N403FE (iniBuilds)
A310-300 Air India VT-EVW (iniBuilds)
A310-300 SATA International CS-TGV (iniBuilds)
A310-300 Kuwait Airways 9K-ALA (iniBuilds)
B767-400 British Airways G-BNWU (Capt Sim)
A319-100 Finnair OH-LVK (LatinVFR)
A330-900neo Thai Airways HS-TEB (Headwind)
A310-300 Swissair HB-IPG (iniBuilds)
A310-300 Pakistan Int'l Airlines AP-BEB (iniBuilds)