Express Air - Passenger Service

Express Air is the scheduled passenger service for Express Air Virtual. The proxies for our passenger routes are Southern Airways, Bahamasair, and Liat. Although not an exact match of their routes, Express Air will fly the bulk of their routes and cities. Express Air will fly the A320-251Neo, A320-200, ATR 72-600, and Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. There are currently three (3) A320-251Neo's, one (1) A320-200, three (3) ATR 72-600's, and twenty-one (21) C208B's in the Express Air passenger fleet.

Express Air currently has 310 scheduled passenger flights in the route system for dispatch. These flights serve 90+ cities throughout Alaska, Hawaii, North America, and the Caribbean. For all Express Air flights, the three-letter flight designator is EXA. Flight numbers for EXA will also be three-digits and will range between 100 and 999. Flights headed to the north or east will have an even number and flights headed to the south or west will have an odd number. Flight numbers between:

100-199 will serve Hawaii, with Honolulu (PHNL) as the main hub;
200-299 will serve the Northeast with Washington (KIAD) as the main hub;
300-399 will serve the Central with Dallas (KDFW) as the main hub;
400-499 will serve the Midwest;
500-599 will serve the West with Phoenix (KPHX) as the main hub.
600-699 will serve the Bahamas (the "M" airports) with Nassau (MYNN) as the main hub.
700-799 will serve the Leeward/Windward Islands (the "T" airports) with Antigua (TAPA) as the main hub.
800-899 will serve the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic with Atlanta (KATL) as the main hub;

Groups of up to five (5) pilots can dispatch simultaneously from the same location in the Caribbean route system and island hop together in their ATR's! All pilots flying Express Air will use the callsign EXPRESS and will have access to a custom livery as shown in the above photo. As the pilot base expands, Express Air will periodically add regional short-to-medium-haul routes using the A320-200 and A320-251Neo, and eventually, long-haul national/international jet service in 2024/2025.